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Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet VZ HR Manager

I can’t believe 2008 is almost over! I want to take a few minutes and share just a few awards Verizon has received this year.

Working Mother magazine
Verizon is once again the only telecommunications or cable company on Working Mother magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers. This is the eighth consecutive year that Verizon has been named to the list, which recognizes companies that have family-friendly benefits and policies that help working mothers strike a balance between their work and personal lives. “Verizon knows that their investment pays for itself through employee loyalty, and they realize that productivity depends as much on satisfied staffers as on smart processes,” said Suzanne Riss, editor-in-chief, Working Mother magazine. “By helping employees manage their work/life demands, Verizon is creating a highly motivated workforce.”

Black Enterprise magazine
Verizon has again been named to Black Enterprise magazine's 40 Best Companies for Diversity, the most recent in a series of honors this year recognizing Verizon as a top employer and a leader in corporate diversity.
In selecting the companies, Black Enterprise evaluated diversity programs and consulted with diversity experts and corporate diversity officers. The publication also conducted an extensive survey of more than 1,000 of the country's largest publicly traded companies and more than 50 leading global companies with significant U.S. operations. This is the third time that Verizon has been named to the list.

As this year comes to an end I look forward to a new year as we strive for excellence!


MissV said...

Hello and I hope that you enjoyed your days off.
Well, as of today 12/4/08 I haven't received any calls or emails from anyone in your department, and I’m not sure where to send my information.

Please advise as to what you would have me do next.

Thank you,
Miss V

Susan said...
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Susan said...

Hi Kelly,

Hi Kelly! I have worked for VZ for 9 years and am just now seeing your BLOG. THis is a fantastic idea! It's hard to connect to a "real person" these days, but your BLOG seems to provide that connection in a digital form. Thank you!

What is your advice to get me in the door? I am a hard worker, an intelligent person, a creative thinker and I have a desire to do an extremely good job no matter what responsibility I take on. My resume is very technical in regards to legacy telecom, so it is very difficult for me to find jobs in any other unit. I really wish I could just "talk" to someone who could possibly see my potential and hire me....sales/marketing/project mgnt...any help would be appreciated...

dfansler said...

Hello, I have applied to several opening in the past few months and had a couple of questions if I might. A recruiter told I had to have current license in that state, wouldn't there be a leeway of 30 days to beable to move and obtain this. Also, Does AT&T and Verizon have a no rehire type of aggreement?
I currently work for AT&T (for past 8yrs in I&R) and am trying to move back to my wife's area near Buffalo, NY. or PA MA

Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

My name is Zach and I wanted to say thanks!

You may not know it but your company has made me a better salesman despite never being a member of your retail team.

Here is how Verizon did it.

I'm a great salesman and I love the interaction and thrill that I get from helping customers connect with the products that they both need and enjoy.

As an assistant manager working for Radio Shack I was first introduced to your company's wireless product line and service plans.

It was there that I learned about how great your coverage and customer appreciation really is. Especially because I was able to compare Verizon products directly to the competition on the next counter over!

After my time with Radioshack I went to another wireless retail company and spent three years there as a Senior Sales Associate.
Here is where Verizon helped me hone my creative sales skills.

Because Verizon has created such a high benchmark in the industry, I was forced to come up with more ways than I ever thought possible to find value for my customers in the products I was selling. Nearly every time I discussed wireless plans with a customer they would comment that the service "Wasn't Verizon".

I was always honest and forthcoming with my clients and I was always careful to point out both the pros and the cons of the "Not Verizon" service. As it happens sometimes the niche cellular services that I sold filled roles that the Customers felt fit their needs the best.

In the end, I became much better at identifying customer needs and filling those needs.

Because put simply its sort of like trying to sell hamburger next to a premium steak house.

Odds are good that the customer wants the better cut if meat and your pitch had better be good or you'll have the eat the burgers yourself.

Finally, I decided to better myself and continue my education.

Since 2007 I have been a full time student, but I havn't lost my love of the industry and my drive to sell.

I've even found myself in electronics stores talking with other customers about why they need to get the Verizon service over others.

As with anything we love, its hard to stay away. For me, next to my dear Wife, cell phones is a love of mine and its calling to me.

I considered going back to my old employer, but then it occurred to me; "Why not just work for the best?".

Unlike some other recent wireless company mergers, I feel that the Verizon/Alltel move was smart.

I've decided to become a part of the Verizon team and I'm taking the first steps towards that goal.

So thanks Mam! Without Verizon, I would be a lesser salesman.

I would be very grateful if you could provide any suggestions on people to contact in my area.

I am based out of a charming town called Mount Dora, FL 32757 and I understand from local sources, that a new store will be opening up in my town.

If I was the manager who was promised that store I'd want to get a jump on hiring my team. I would love to get in touch with the person who will be making that decision.

Anything you can do would be much appreciated.



Michele said...

Dear Kelly,

Merry Christmas! I hesitate contacting you the day after the holiday, but the position of VIDEO HUB TECHNICIAN in Freehold, NJ was posted on December 12. I applied today. Could you please review my resume and let me know if I am a viable candidate? I initially contacted you at this website on September 30. I am currently working as a freelance Media Operations Technician at Major League Baseball Network in Secaucus, NJ. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a Happy New Year!

Michele M. Noble

James M Porter said...
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