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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meet VZ HR Manager

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I wrote but I want to let you know about some HOT jobs we have open! Do more than just survive - thrive. If you're a forward-thinking, resourceful individual who is equal parts team player and individual achiever, you just may find that Verizon can help you experience success on a completely different level.

As a Consultant you will be handling requests from existing or new customers or their agents (where applicable) for installation, disconnection, or changes of telephone systems and services.
Meeting or exceeding corporate requirements for sales objectives through identification of customer needs and recommendation of telephone product and services to accommodate same. This position requires a minimum of twelve (12) months continuous experience within the last 5 years in Retail Sales, Call Center experience and Commissioned Sales of high priced items preferred. This is a great opportunity and we have positions located in Philadelphia, Bloomsburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh and Scranton, PA. Read more about these positions on our careers page.


esutton said...

Kelly - Happy New Year!!!

With all the demands that this economy will expect from new applicants and career changers, I would hope that Verizon will open their doors with a new perspective about potential employees. Why I say this?

Since most H&R recruiters are looking at resumes and potential applicants via paper or in person, there are those who are not able to get through the door the traditional route. For example, those applicants who do no fit the criteria of job requirements, but have the potential to learn expeditiously and become better employees from this training and opportunities. While I understand that there are risks that most employers will take upon banking on these individuals, however, as a career changers what are the prospects for these individuals who don't fit the criteria, but has unlimited potential??

Naturally some skills are transferable depending on the individual's level of engagement within that jobs training curve. Since I have been following and reviewing the comments made on your blog, I am curious as to how can career changers make an impact within your company and offer the best possible career path for themselves and for the future of the company?

Looking forward to here from you.... thanks for this opportunity!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to write in your blog how difficult it is in this economy to get a good job in a big company like Verizon, Please if you have any advice on how I could get my resume into the right person's hands I would be very grateful. I have over 20 years experience in telecom field and would like to use my talents at Verizon. Please let me know what I could do. Thanks for your time.

Best regards.

Kevin M. Ross

hpalmer said...

Hey Kelly my name is Harold Palmer out of Houston, Tx. I have had the dream to work for Verizon for years. I know managers that can refer for me and workers. I have an great resume including manager experience with great sells numbers. I just want an interview please just one opportunity to acctually show face to face what I have. I am also in the process of writing Ivan Seidenberg as well. I am very determined to join the company.On your website it says "Best place to launch an building career". All I want is an entry level position to grow. If you could just contact the Houston recruiters and just give me one opportunity to interview. Thats all I ask. Then whatever decison is made I will accept. You can reach me on my email and if you would like to see my resume I will send that to you as well.Thank you for all your help.

Linh said...

Hi Kelly,

Happy New Year

As we know Verizon is currently a leader in fiber optics, wireless service, phone, and internet, TV to business and residential…and hiring
It’s imaging chance for me who love to work and dedicate my skill and effort for Verizon. With my education and 12 years experienced at Nokia Mobile Phone, I believe you won’t disappoint. Please give me an opportunity to prove myself.


HR Manager said...


Thanks for your questions. I understand your concerns with making a career change. However, we also have to make sure that our hires fit the skill set of the position.

Having unlimited potiential should help you move up though most companies. So I would suggest that you continue to check available positions on our career site and apply to those that you at least meet the minimum requirements for. Afterwards, if you are chosen to fill the position you then will have the opportunity to shine.

Good Luck!

HR Manager said...


I know that finding a position with most large companies during thses trying economic times can be truly difficult. However, that's usually do to a slow down in hiring. We should have plenty of opportunities this year and with your 20 years experience in telecom you should be able to find a fit.

Keep checking the site for new postings. Hang in there and happy new year.

Marisol0828 said...

Hi Kelly,

Happy New Year!!

My name is Lillian DeJesus;
First let me say thank you for keeping up with this blog it's been very helpful.
I am from Philadelphia, PA. I'm very interested in working for Verizon Telecom. I'm looking forward for openings on the Maintenance Administrator position. I would like to know, is their any openings for that position in or around my area? And when will be the next Job Fair?Thank you in advance for your time and help in this matter.

red102167 said...

Hello Kelly,

My Husband currently works for Verizon for 13 years. He is a Splicer in Upstate NY. We are trying to relocate out of NY.

We have responded to several posting in other states, They all seem to state that you need to be a current resident and need a state license. How would that work if we live in another state? There would be no need to train him as he is already doing the work.

We have been trying for years to transfer to other states with no avail, Why is this so difficult?

Thank You
Mrs. David Ventrano

MDbound said...

I have tested for a customer service roll in the state of MD. I currently live out of state. How long will Verizon keep my test results. I passed all required tests. I don't know when another available position will open up again.