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Friday, September 17, 2010

Our intern's communication

Elevator Speech

Hello everyone.

My name is Jose Chavira. I am an intern in the FTTP (fiber to the premises) Operation Center in Redlands, CA. I received my B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside and recently completed my first year in the MBA program at University of California, Riverside. I feel that my social science background and business knowledge allow me to approach a situation from different angles, using quantitative and qualitative methods, as not everything is black and white.
One of my main projects has been closing 8P work orders, which are work orders requested by individual customers and/or businesses. Though a work order may be physically complete in the field by construction, it may not be complete in our records. I would close work orders by requesting documentation from various engineering departments and send them to reimbursable engineers. These work orders vary in amounts- some may be worth $500; the current work order I am trying to close is worth over $95,000. Accompanied with this task is populating dates in various systems.
Another project involved researching fiber cable that cannot be accounted for. This cable is classified as VT02. The total worth of cable I researched was worth $200,000. I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity and to my fellow interns, I hope you all are enjoying your internship as much as I am.

Thank you.

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