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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Employee giveaways -Free Droids!!

Whoa! Did you see that?! That was the 50th Motorola Droid X smartphone given away today and the phone has not even been released yet! It’s days like these that I look forward to coming to work even more. Typically when there is a high profile smartphone to be launched by Verizon, the manufacturer has a street team in the Basking Ridge office with contests to win the phone. So far there have been giveaways for the Blackberry Storm, Motorola Droid, and the Droid X. What better way to generate excitement over a new device than giving employees a chance to win one? The lines form early as it seems everyone on campus is exuding eagerness for an opportunity to win. Best of all, we have a chance to show off the devices before the general public can get them. I love being a tech geek at Verizon!

By: Donovan Williams
Verizon Talent Management!

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