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Friday, July 2, 2010

Verizon Employee Experience

My name is Dan Sapir. I began working at Verizon three years ago in our retail marketing organization.

A year ago I transferred over to Verizon's Global Wholesale organization in a sales role with the goal of expanding my understanding of the industry. It wasn't until I began actively selling that I realized how limited my exposure was in the retail world. Through my retail call center experience and my time in advertising, I gained a generally understanding of our FiOS product line as well as our Copper products.

When I transferred to Wholesale I realized that was just the tip of the iceberg. The Wholesale arena is truly a great place to learn the business. On the Global Wholesale website (, Verizon Global Wholesale is described as, "a technologically advanced organization --serving Long Distance, Local, Internet and Wireless Providers with reliability and choice on an award winning network." We exist to help other companies fill gaps in their product offerings so that the companies we partner with can fulfill the needs of their end users in a more efficient and complete manner.

One of the more exciting partnerships I am working on is our partnership with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) through our recently launched Partner Port Program. The Verizon Partner Port Program is a great solution for Content Delivery Network service providers to aid content owners in delivery of their content to the Internet. The program encourages a direct connection between CDN's content servers and the Verizon IP network at key Internet Exchange Points avoiding the need for traffic to travel through various carriers' backbone networks. The result is a more efficient transfer from content owner to the end user. This partnership is a true win for Verizon's end users and content owners alike at a time when consumers have an increased demand for quality paired with an increased interest in high bandwidth media.

With such a diverse product offering, the Global Wholesale organization allows its members to work directly with companies to solve the needs of their end users. The knowledge I have gained in this organization has served as a crucial building block in my development as a telecom professional.

Best Regards,

Dan Sapir

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