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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summer-time!

Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT? Well it’s about to be summer real soon and Verizon has several NEW and HOT job opportunities to get you on the right track. NOW is the right time to transform your past sales experiences into new challenging and rewarding opportunities. Take a look at some of our exciting opportunities…

• Service Representatives at Verizon Call Centers in Binghamton, Elmira, Great River, NY
• Bilingual Representatives (Chinese) in Verizon Retail Stores in Flushing, NY
• Bilingual Service Representatives (Spanish) in Verizon Retail Stores at multiple locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
• Service Representatives in Verizon Retail Stores throughout New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

In our Verizon Call Centers, you’ll be our front line to our customers promoting our products for sales as well as providing excellent service to customer’s who rely on you for their installations, telephone servicing, questions and concerns. From new customers to existing customers, you will have the opportunity to assist with installation, disconnection, or changes of telephone systems and services, building the Verizon Brand one customer at a time.

In our Verizon Retail Stores, you will be responsible for the direct sale of Verizon products and services to our residential and business customers. You will conduct face-to-face sales negotiations of FiOS Voice, Data and Video orders and accept equipment returns for FiOS TV.

By listening to our customers, you will be able to offer them the products that best fit their needs. No matter what position you find yourself in, you will work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Be the solutions expert! Be an achiever and earn your rewards while meeting your objective in sales/revenue quotas! You’ll have an opportunity to be the sales engine that drives our company.

When you begin a career with Verizon, you’ll be working for a company where diversity of people and ideas are celebrated, teamwork is constant and your roadmap to advancement is at your fingertips. SO...get ready, get set, bring your energy, your ideas and your drive to succeed…“Bring – IT All” we can use it… LET’S HAVE FUN!!

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To whom it may concern, I am a former Verizon technician from Brooklyn, New York who now resides in Tampa, Florida. I am desperately trying to get back into the company but can never get any responses from my applications about taking a test or anythying. The only reason I left the company was because I relocated my family here to Florida for a better life. I commuted up and down I-95 for months until my wife begged me to just stay in Florida since I couldn't get a transfer. I currently do contract work for Verizon burying the F.I.O.S. cables to residences and businesses but I really do miss working for the company. I had nine years in as a technician and was about to hit my tenth year before I left. Can anyone give me advice as to how to get back in. I'm willing to start from the bottom all over again, I just want to be part of the Verizon family again. Thanks for listening and any advice or help you can provide. My name is Steven Mowatt.