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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Consumer Sales Consultant Positions

It’s March and we are moving in to spring with several Consumer Sales Consultant positions in multiple locations.

  • Dallas, TX
  • Ft.Wayne, IN
  • Tampa, FL

Consumer Sales Consultants serve as a principal link between Verizon and residential customers. This position receives numerous contacts each day and ensures customer satisfaction and revenue growth through the sale of products and services. Customer transactions include, but are not limited to, new service orders, move and change orders, billing inquires and adjustments, and resolving customer problems.

Also responsible for the following:

  • Accountable for meeting sales objectives
  • Conduct standards such as customer satisfaction, established productivity, call handling time, call work time, order quality, billing accuracy and maintaining attendance objectives
  • Ensure orders and adjustments are accurate and complete and follow-up promptly on any commitments made during the contact
  • Operate various office machines including computers, keyboards, and CRT terminals. Able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, i.e. communication, document processing and computer usage
  • Participate in all available training (including formal classroom, on-the-job coaching, self-paced training packages and self-study)
  • Flexibility to work varied days/hours

Strongly Desired:

  • Commission sales experience
  • Six months of sales and customer service experience within the last five years

Qualified candidates must pass all appropriate pre-employment tests, drug screen and a background check as well as possess the ability to perform the essential functions of the position.

Check out for more information and to apply.


LaToya said...

Good Morning Susan,
I would love to join the team! I have already passed all the required assesments and successfully completed the interview. I look forward to hearing from you or one of your staff members soon. I also like dogs, I dont own one at this time because I reside in a townhome that restricts animals from living on the property. However every so often I go an volunteer at the animal shelter in Carrollton. I look forward to hearing from you guys soon HAPPY FRIDAY AND HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND! Thx L.Booker

LaToya said...

Sorry Sue

mackink said...


I'm trying to identify the vacancy holder for the Sr. Consultant-Account Manager positions you have open in Ashburn and NYC. my wife works for VZB and suggested I blog you to see if i can get some help. I'm ex-BT now living ion the US and could do quite a job for your company; can you help ?

Sammy said...

This is my first time using this blog so I hope I get this right. I would like to understand a recent opportunity which has presented itself to me regarding a Marketing Analyst position in the Tampa, FL area. I have been contacted by 2 separate recruitment companies looking to fill this position immediately. However I feel a bit apprehensive for a few reasons, but mainly because they needed some personal information like the last 5 of my SSN# and date of birth. I haven't had the chance to verify much because of the weekend and everything is closed. I tried researching the positions online on Verizon's career database and nothing matches up. I am a little confused yet the offer seems like a great opportunity for me. Is there anything you can tell me or verify of a Non IT - Marketing Analyst position being recruited by CDI Corp? Is this a legitimate position? Should I move forward with providing my information?

Thank you,

Political Nonsense said...

Dear Madam:

In mid-February, I attended a testing session for the position of Consultant at your Scranton, Pennsylvania location. I passed the assessments, and had a telephone interview the following day.

At the conclusion of that interview, I was informed that I would be contacted within 7 to 10 days regarding the position, and that the contact would come via U.S. mail.

However, I've never received such notification, nor have I received a response to the inquiry I sent via the contact form at

I am still very much interested in the position, however the lack of communication is a bit disheartening.

I would appreciate it if you or another HR representative from Verizon could check on the status of my application.

If you will, please contact me at and I will provide you with my personal information.

Thanks in advance.

glc358 said...

I recently interviewed for the Sales and Service SI position in Richmond VA and interviewed previously in October 2008. I dressed professionally, reviewed interview guidelines and responded to questions with relevant direct answers. I have current and past customer service/commission sales experience. Each time I received a letter stating that I did not qualify. How can I find out why I was not selected both times?