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Monday, October 6, 2008

Meet VZHR Manager

Anyone interested in going green? If so take a look at some of the things Verizon is doing to impact the environment!

Verizon supports the recycling chain at every level by reducing waste, recycling materials and purchasing recycled products. Besides our extensive office paper and cardboard recycling, highlights of our program include Paperless Billing, Verizon cell phone recycling, Wireless Phone Battery Recycling, Telecommunications Equipment Recycling and Green Purchasing.The annual environmental benefit of Verizon Energy Conservation and Recycling Programs is equivalent to:

60,000 passenger cars not driven for one year;
Conserving over 37 million gallons of gasoline;
Growing more than 8,500,000 tree seedlings for 10 years; or
Approximately 2,300 acres of forest preserved from deforestation.

Also, Verizon's Fleet is now greener in New York State. Verizon has rolled out forty new hybrid sedans to replace all-gasoline powered vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.
This change, according to a news release, will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 105 metric tons annually.

In total, Verizon has rolled out 100 new hybrid sedans in metropolitan areas across the country as a demonstration of its progressive corporate leadership. The 100 new hybrid sedans will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an estimated 263 metric tons annually, which will result in the conservation of nearly 30,000 gallons of fuel.

Making a positive impact on the environment is important to Verizon. This results in a higher quality of life for the communities we live in and serve.


Jim said...

Hi Kelly,

I appreciate the information on your blog. The company I work for now asked everyone to add "please consider the environment before printing this email" (in green text with a small tree logo)to their email signature lines. Every little bit helps! I have been checking the web page and notice new positions for MultiMedia Techs in Egg Harbor Twp, Freehold, Ewing and Booton, NJ. I passed the UTB-R test on Aug 9th, I was wondering if you could give me any insight into the progress of my applications. My name is James Sparmo and my email address is

HR Manager said...


I apologize that you haven't heard anything from the Staffing Team at this point. I was able to reach out and ascertain that we are still awaiting all information before starting to make calls to candidates. I apologize in the delay as I know you are very interested in obtaining employment. Keep reaching out and if I get further updates, I will contact you directly. Again, I apologize for the delay.

Manager-Talent Acquisiton Strategy and Operations

esutton said...

Hello Kelly,

Yes, "Every little bit helps!" With this in mind, I understand how companies, like Verizon, are pushing for 'green friendly' environments. Since this is the new initiative for many corporate strategic planning teams, and while companies are using "hybrids" for their new fleet, what happens to the "old"? See, while I support every initiative as long as it runs equal across the board, like with trade-ins. Why are telecommunication companies not taking in trade-ins when consumers are purchasing new phones every two/three months? Would this not help even more while reinforcing community brand loyalty supporting such a "reliable network"? (keep in mind, I know about cost effectiveness/product upgrades) We could truly become a recycling country when its across the board for all products.
A consumer and interested employee

HR Manager said...


Good afternoon! As you may know, this blog is specific to Verizon Telecom, the FiOS side of the business as well as the HSI and landline capabilities. I really like your suggestions and do belive this is something we can do globally, across Verizon. Additionally, I am aware that in many locations there are "drop boxes" in our buildings for employees to recycle their phones, however, I think we can expand upon this and will send your suggestions/questions along to my contacts within Verizon Wireless. However, they to provide recyling bins and many of their stores, to what extent, I will investiage. In the meantime, I did a little research and found some interesting ways to recycle our phones, and help other people. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Overall Donation Site:

Recycle Donation Center Identifier:
Soldier Donations:

Battered Woman Organization:

I just provided a few options, but as I stated before, I will make this request and see where it takes us. Again, thanks for the post. I think this is just the kind of caring and proactive thinking that we need!

Manager-Talent Acquisiton Strategy and Operations

MissV said...

Hi, I signed up to this "thingy" because I have a question for you.

I tested and interview for your company sometime ago and was very excited to be told that I would hear from Verizon within 5-7 days. Its been over 4 months or so and other than my cell and house bill (hint, hint. LOL) I haven't heard anything. Im writing because I just thought that if Verizon HR said that they are going to call/email/send mail then I would've Held my breath. Thank Goodness I didn't. I am/was very upset and disappointed not because they didn't call, but because they said that they would and didn't.