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Friday, August 8, 2008

Verizon HR Manager

Happy Friday!
I know it's the end of the week and everyone is ready to pack up and head home....First, take some time to check out Verizon's Perks and Benefits! Verizon offers some really great benefits that can really enhance your life if you became a Verizon employee. Have you thought about going back to obtain your Bachelors or Masters degree but realized how expensive it would be? Here at Verizon we offer tuition assistance to help offset the burden. Another great benefit Verizon offers is the 401(k) savings plan with excellent company matching contributions. If you want to check out all the other great benefits and Perks we offer click on the link below.

Have a GREAT weekend and be sure to check out my blog next week!


cbarkerwv said...

Hi Kelly! My name is Chris Barker, My wife also works for Verizon..Her name is Kelly (McClure) Also. She is a Sales Consultant in Clarksburg W.V. I am trying to come aboard also. She is very eager to work her way up to HR, and I am interested in Management as well. I have a 4 year BA Degree, and she lacks 3 classes before she earns her business management degree, she would have completed the courses already but when she started with Verizon in 09/2006 We found out we wer expecting our first child, now that he is 13 onths old..We both are looking to Work our way into our desired positions, And would not mind in relocating to do so. Kelly's degree when finished will be business management-but she mainly has taken HR management classes, so hopefully our dreams will come true and we will both retire from such a great company. I was hoping for some input from you, on whether I should just go ahead and apply for management, or start as a consultant..I have been in sales for 10 years and I would definately say I qualify for management, I was a retail management manager for AT&T..please dont hold it against me :) Looking forward to chatting with you! Thanks for your time!!

HR Manager said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the inquiry. I have a few questions for you, have you already applied for a position, and if so, what was it? What is it you desire to do most, begin in management or start in an associate position? I think both have there benefits, but it is all about what it is you are trying to accomplish and within what time frame. Additionally, are there areas of the country you might be more interested in? Has your wife looked at transfering? Sorry for all the questions, but the more info I have, the more I believe I can assist you.

Thanks in advance.

showmethemoney said...

Good afternoon. I am in Boston and wondering if you had any information about registering for the pre-employment test that technicians have to pass before being hired. I have worked at Comcast for almost ten years and would love to join your team. Thank you for your time.

HR Manager said...


I would like to connect you with the local recruiter, so can you provide your e-mail address and I can you with the right person to assist you with your questions.

Thanks again.


showmethemoney said...

Thanks for your assistance. I can be emailed at

I live in Metro Boston. Thanks again and have a great day.