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Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet Verizon HR Manager

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Well, we have been talking a lot about the site, jobs, and Verizon, so today I want to share a new topic, Job Fair Etiquette, which was written by one of our very own recruiters, Steven Vanaria, out of Boston, MA.

TIP ONE: Dress for Success

· Many companies have a business casual dress code, but as a job seeker, you only have ONE CHANCE to make a first impression.
· Wearing appropriate business attire is strongly recommended.

TIP TWO: Be prepared with a game plan

· Do your homework and research specific employers you are targeting. You need to know what’s “going on” with these companies.
· Avoid telling a recruiter you are interested in “Anything”. Instead, ask the recruiter what positions they have available and then be prepared to speak about the areas that are of interest to you.
· Ask questions! Recruiters love using their “social” skills, so think about what questions to ask and bring a list with you.

TIP THREE: Bring multiple copies of your resume

· A resume is a vital tool that sells you to a prospective employer and speaks about your education, skills and career background.
· A resume will also quickly “introduce” you and your skills to a recruiter, which if the career fair is extremely busy and loud, may help that recruiter quickly connect with you while scanning your resume.

TIP FOUR: Prepare an “elevator speech”

· An “elevator speech” is a short presentation presented in the time it takes an elevator to go from the top floor to the bottom or vice versa.
· Your elevator speech should allow you to discuss a “capsuled” version of your career and what you are now looking for.
· Talk about what you “know”. Candidates can sometimes seem unprepared when they are asked if they possess certain skills. The candidate should answer honestly if they do not have a specific skill, but follow it up with expressing to the recruiter that he/she is a quick learner and would be willing to learn that particular skill, if hired.

TIP FIVE: The gap

· A candidate should be prepared to explain any “gap” in dates in their employment or education history.
· Gaps are common in today’s employment “culture”; just be ready for the question by practicing what you are going to say before hand.

We hope you find these “tips” to be helpful and we hope to see you soon! So, visit our events page, and see where the Verizon recruiters will be next!

Have a great evening!

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