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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Verizon HR Manager

Happy Thursday!

What position is HOT at Verizon?

We are currently looking for Operators in Erie, PA!

If you are customer-focused, have strong spelling and keyboard skills, and operate well in a fast-paced, demanding environment, this might be the Verizon job that's right for you. Many of our Operator Centers provide around-the-clock service to our customers, you'll also need the ability to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays. These positions are Full-time. The starting salary is $8.09 per hr with pay increases every six months up to top pay $13.99 per hr. (Wage credit may be given based on recent work experience and education). If you're a bright, high-energy professional, you'll feel right at home at Verizon. That's because we look for individuals who can thrive in a forward-moving environment - and who can infuse our atmosphere with their own commitment to personal and corporate success.
To find out more about the Operator position please visit the link below:


prasana said...

Hello Mam
I am working in COOLSOFT we works for contract positions . May I know is there any link to view CONTRACT positions open with VERIZON .

HR Manager said...


Typically, Verizon does not post contract positions, as we work with vendors to assist us with contract sourcing and staffing. I would suggest checking the job boards, as mostuse similar techniques in order to identify candidates. Have you tried calling agencies directly, that might be an option to consider.

Again, thanks for the inquiry. I hope my response is helpful. Thanks!

eddie said...

Human Resources Manager;

I was employed by Verizon in Fort Lee, NJ
as a multimedia technician from July 2007 until February 2008. Recently I had family illness that i needed to attend . Before i quit i asked if I could get rehired and my manager and the director said after 6 month they will not have a problem hiring me back,I tried to get reapply by calling the director and he told me that he was unable to hire me because staffing has a block on me saying that i quit to early ,i did not want to quit but i had to, I am a real good worker and i just want to get my job back i was just hoping is there any way to get that block of me, I have all the training and skills that your company requires,

HR Manager said...

Good Morning! Thanks for the inquiry. It would be helpful Eddie if you could provide me your last name as well as an email address, so I may contact you directly if necessary. With your last name I can inquire further into your situation. Thanks in advance.

Verizon HR Manager

eddie said...

Human Resources Manger;

My last name is gurvich, my email is,

Thank you

HR Manager said...


Good morning! I was able to research your question and found that we are not currently hiring in the Fort Lee area. Additionally, as you may know, due to the needs of the business, we have very limited opportunities to rehire former employees. If you are interested in being considered in the event there are available opportunities, you must apply online at, as I believe you have already done. In the event there are job openings for which you can be considered, you will be contacted. You will not be contacted unless you are being considered for an available opening.

Please be aware that your prior service with Verizon is not a guarantee of re-employment. Your eligibility for re-employment will be determined by the applicable staffing process.

Again, thank you Eddie for your continued interest in Verizon and we wish you all the best.

Kelly McCorkle
Manager-Verizon Telecom Strategy and Talent Acquisition

prasana said...

Thanks Mam,
It was very helpfull

defe said...
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HR Manager said...
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HR Manager said...
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HR Manager said...
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HR Manager said...


Good afternoon. I just recieved a reply back from the Staffing Manager, and from what we can tell, a staffer did not reach out to you yet, however, you do show as applying on the 14th. We are currently reviewing those resumes, so keep you "cell on" and charged. Feel free to check back in with me in a week or so if you don't hear anything. Thanks in advance!

Kelly McCorkle
Manager-Verizon Telecom Strategy and Talent Acquisition

Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

My name is Zach and I wanted to say thanks!

You may not know it but your company has made me a better salesman despite never being a member of your retail team.

Here is how Verizon did it.

I'm a great salesman and I love the interaction and thrill that I get from helping customers connect with the products that they both need and enjoy.

As an assistant manager working for Radio Shack I was first introduced to your company's wireless product line and service plans.

It was there that I learned about how great your coverage and customer appreciation really is. Especially because I was able to compare Verizon products directly to the competition on the next counter over!

After my time with Radioshack I went to another wireless retail company and spent three years there as a Senior Sales Associate.
Here is where Verizon helped me hone my creative sales skills.

Because Verizon has created such a high benchmark in the industry, I was forced to come up with more ways than I ever thought possible to find value for my customers in the products I was selling. Nearly every time I discussed wireless plans with a customer they would comment that the service "Wasn't Verizon".

I was always honest and forthcoming with my clients and I was always careful to point out both the pros and the cons of the "Not Verizon" service. As it happens sometimes the niche cellular services that I sold filled roles that the Customers felt fit their needs the best.

In the end, I became much better at identifying customer needs and filling those needs.

Because put simply its sort of like trying to sell hamburger next to a premium steak house.

Odds are good that the customer wants the better cut if meat and your pitch had better be good or you'll have the eat the burgers yourself.

Finally, I decided to better myself and continue my education.

Since 2007 I have been a full time student, but I havn't lost my love of the industry and my drive to sell.

I've even found myself in electronics stores talking with other customers about why they need to get the Verizon service over others.

As with anything we love, its hard to stay away. For me, next to my dear Wife, cell phones is a love of mine and its calling to me.

I considered going back to my old employer, but then it occurred to me; "Why not just work for the best?".

Unlike some other recent wireless company mergers, I feel that the Verizon/Alltel move was smart.

I've decided to become a part of the Verizon team and I'm taking the first steps towards that goal.

So thanks Mam! Without Verizon, I would be a lesser salesman.

I would be very grateful if you could provide any suggestions on people to contact in my area.

I am based out of a charming town called Mount Dora, FL 32757 and I understand from local sources, that a new store will be opening up in my town.

If I was the manager who was promised that store I'd want to get a jump on hiring my team. I would love to get in touch with the person who will be making that decision.

Anything you can do would be much appreciated.



Joe62 said...

Hello, Many Job postings mention a "Wage Credit". Is this credit something VZ can give in addition if your experience places a starting salary above their highest pay rate for the job? Any Info Most Appreciated. Joe

glc358 said...


I recently interviewed for the Sales and Service SI position in Richmond VA and interviewed previously in October 2008. I dressed professionally, reviewed interview guidelines and responded to questions with relevant direct answers. I have current and past customer service/sales experience. Each time I received a letter stating that I did not qualify. How can I find out why I was not selected?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I use to work with Verizon about two years ago and I would like a status of how you show me leaving. Also, what number can I give to possible future employers when filling out a resume for contacts, employment verification.
Thank you,

Jarrett said...

Hi there,

My name is Jarrett Buda and I run a drug collection site in Garden City, New York. We perform collections for many large companies in the area including Fedex, BMW, Walmart and Sears. I would like to know if you have a local contact for me so that I may touch base with them and let them know that our site may be more convenient than wherever they are presently sending their candidates. We are a "preferred site" for both Quest and Labcorp therefore there is no additional third party fee. We have late hours and virtually have a zero wait time. Thanks so much,

Farook Iqbal said...

Currenly Working for Centurylink DAE for Major Business accounts. I am an account manager that sells t1/t2/t3 DS3, FIBER, DARK FIBER, IP PBX, PBX, Voip, Cloud services. I am interested in a similiar position at Verizon. I have 4 years of telecomm experience and have worked at verizon before as a sales consultant. my e-mail,

ms said...

hi mam,
iam malleswari completed btech in 2011 with 78%i heared that u hav requirement for freshers 2011.may i know the process how i can i face for recruitment process and the date for interviews