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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet Verizon HR Manager

Wow, be careful what you ask for! I asked for questions and I received them! Thanks and keep them coming! The topic today is job opportunities that Verizon has in Ewing and Boonton, New Jersey. We are looking for Multi-Media Service Technicians and have multiple openings. We are looking for candidates that have experience with Telephony installation & maintenance, pole climbing, running drops, outside loop electronics and we prefer a technical diploma, degree or certificate in Electronics and/or Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical or Civil). These are wonderful opportunities for the right candidates so please visit the following link to learn more about our Multi-Media Technician openings:

And for all other openings, please visit:


Donna said...

Hi Kelly,

I applied for a position as a maintenance coordinator with Verizon and passed the two tests that were necessary for the position.

I have been electronically contacted by Verizon to see if I am still interested in working with them, which I am.

I haven't heard anything else.

Is there something I can do?


HR Manager said...


Currently, we are not hiring for Maintenance Coordinators. However, have you set up a job agent to notify you when that position becomes available?

Thanks in advance for your inquiry.

Verizon HR Manager

Donna said...

No. I haven't set up a job agent. I would be interested in any position that I qualify for. My son works for Verizon and really likes it and he is the one who told me about the position last December.

How do I sign up for notification of different positions?

Thanks so much for your help.


Bluewaters said...

Good day
I once applied for a job in Verizon and i felt i was discriminated based on my Nationality. I was not given a chance to proof i am a US citizen but i grew up abroad. I would like to know what is the reapply policy.

Thank You

HR Manager said...

Donna- Once you sign in to your account click on resume account you should see a drop down list that has an option to click on manage your search agents. That should bring you to the page so that you can set up your search. Let me know if you need any help finding this section!

HR Manager said...


Thank you for writing to us with your interest. The only way to apply is online. We would be happy to consider your resume after you submit it through our website, We post all current job openings there, and that is also where you need to apply on-line. If you don't see a job that fits your skills and interests, keep checking back because we update the site with new openings as soon as they become available. Also, we strongly encourage you to create an Agent that can notify you when new jobs become available. If you have any questions or need help let us know.

Please find below a list of steps to help you apply:

1. Log on to our careers website,
2. Click on "Resume Management", and then create a profile by setting up a user name, password and contact information. Please make note of your user id and password in a reliable place because you will need them in order to edit your resume and apply for positions. Remember, whenever you want to log into your Career account in the future, go to RESUME MANAGEMENT. Do not click on the “My Account” or “sign in” buttons at the top of the page.
3. Once your profile has been created, then create your resume by typing in the information or by pasting the information in the fields from your resume document. As you build your resume in the template, hit "save and continue" to move on to each new page.
4. Once your resume has been completed and saved, you will be returned to the Resume Management section.
5. To search for available positions, click on the "Search Current Openings" link on the navigation menu or go to
6. Search for current openings by selecting a category from the first drop-down box, and then a location from the second drop-down box. (You may select more than one of each by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard.)

- OR, you may simply enter a key word in the "By Keyword" box, to see if there are any positions that mention that word in their description.

7. Click on the "Submit" button. If any positions are a match for your criteria, they will appear. Click on the title of the position to read the description. Jobs that have a flame before the title are considered “Hot”, which means that there is an immediate need. If it seems like a match for your qualifications, click the "Apply On-line" button at the bottom of the description and then follow the instructions for submitting your online resume at that point. After you apply for the position you will see a thank you message on-line. If you want to see a list of all the jobs that you have applied to, please click on the “View Applications”.
8. We also encourage you to establish an Agent, which will allow us to notify you when jobs become available in the future that match your skills and interests either via email or to your wireless device. While you are in Resume Management please select “Manage Agents”.

Once again thank you for your interest in Verizon we will be looking forward to receiving your resume.