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Friday, October 2, 2009

What would you consider the best strategy for a career advancement opportunity?

The answer seems to be in between networking and building you reputation. There are many writers, bloggers, authors, editors and other sources of communicators that spend a large amount of time analyzing and comparing what seems to work for top paid executives. Indeed, at some point in our lives we all like to be in their shoes, so we start wondering what we can do in order to reach some of those goals. Thankfully, we could do research and find all these great sources of information. As a result, we start looking for strategies in career advancement opportunities, and many of these strategies seem to be repetitive throughout all the information presented. For instance, a combination of these strategies is as followed:

  1. Talk to your boss
  2. Ask for more responsibility
  3. Volunteer for boards
  4. Sharpen your people skills
  5. Be innovative
  6. Find a mentor
  7. Sell yourself
  8. Keep learning
  9. Network
  10. Build your reputation

By now, at least most of us have read this information about career development planning. However, there seems to be a lot more going on behind successful individuals. Perhaps the whole notion about career advancement is to be able to discover your own talents and make the best out it. There are a lot of professions to choose from, and incredible opportunities that seem so irresistible. But the challenge here is to discover our own talents and be able to put them into practice. At this point, we are aware that there is no formula for career advancement. Certainly, strategies can be helpful while we are delivering real results. But in the end, there is a tunnel which all of us travel in our lifetime that is full of discoveries and developments. Therefore, it is important to put into perspective our own personal plans and understand where we could like to be in one year, two years, and at our retirement age. Currently, many ideas and discoveries are being considered for career development. Have you analyzed your career development plan, and if so, what is your path to reach your destination?

Best wishes to your success!

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