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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August….An all time High!

What are the main attractions in the month of August? It’s usually the hottest month of the summer; the last month to really enjoy family vacations, reunions, beaches and preparing for back-to-school. As we approach the end the summer festivities, organize your time and set your goals into perspective. Are you on the right career path? What have you done to prepare for a new and exciting career? Have you devoted the time to build relationships or to network with the best companies or organizations? What are your goals for the upcoming new season?

These are questions which you need to review and find the answer that best suits your future plans. By all means, continue to enjoy family, friends, barbeques and the summer outings. But don’t forget the importance of your career path that will only contribute to a brighter and more promising future for you and your love ones.

For the remaining period of this summer month…Plan your career menu! Prepare your finest career dish! Enjoy your favorite dessert and swim towards your destiny.

Planning, Preparation, Proaction and Productivity, is the key to your success!!

Guest Blogger:
Manager - Talent Acquisition

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