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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet VZ HR Manager

Voters lined up early as polling stations opened around the country today in an historic presidential election! Voting is a right that many have fought for and sacrificed everything to achieve. As Americans, we have the great privilege to live in a free society and voting is the right that makes us free. Your vote holds your national and local leaders responsible for the decisions they make. Your vote sends a message about the issues you think are important. Your vote affirms our rights as free citizens to elect our government and take part in democracy. Without voting, there could be no democracy.
I know I am ready to make my selection and I hope you take a moment today to go vote and make a difference.


MissV said...


It's Miss V from the other blog it looks like Missy. :)

I send the information that you requested to the email that you provided with the subject "Missy"

Hope to hear from you soon.

HR Manager said...

Hi! Thanks "Miss V" sorry about that. I will check my emails as we just converted to a new email system so I want to be sure we have it.

Thanks again!